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Athena 7 Minute Lift

Athena 7 Minute Lift


This product was our best of class performer. In 100% of clinical trial panelists, their product has demonstrated an average reduction in lines and wrinkles of 83.72% based on a full face evaluation as verified by an independent third party laboratory (AMA Laboratories). Maximum reductions of up to 90% were observed and documented. Results were measured within 7 minutes of initial product application.

Price: $89

($79 for customers who have purchased a sample.)+ Free FedEx Shipping

Customer Experience:

Positive reviews from customers across the board. Their website contains a customer friendly live chat application where visitors can ask and receive answers to questions in real time during business hours. They also post a toll free number where both new and existing customers can request a call from a live service representative. Customers also report a high level of satisfaction with their shipping procedures. Orders are shipped via 3 Day FedEx and full tracking information is provided.

Guarantee: 60 days - Money Back


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